SE Tool v.1.1408 Software Update

04th of September, 2014

In this combined update we have the following changes:

  • Added support for MSM8974ab-based phones
  • Added support for MSM8226-based phones
  • Added support for MSM8210-based phones
  • Added support for MSM8960-based phones
  • Added support for MSM7225A-based phones
  • Added support for MSM7227A-based phones
  • Added support for APQ8064-based phones
  • Added support for MSM8230-based phones
  • Added support for MSM8974-based phones
  • Added support for MTK6589-based phones
  • Added Sony MSM722xA-based phones alternative bypass unlock
  • Added S1V2 lock information
  • Added IMEI change procedure for MSM722xA phones
  • Added unlock/repair/rebuild hwconfig M1_aspen
  • Added secunits backup during J108 bypass procedure
  • Another few model names were added
  • Fixed unlock problems with some Sharp 3G phones.
  • Fixed recovery procedure for totally erased X10 phones
  • Fixed ESN recovery for corresponding phones
  • Fixed Android-based unlock (Daemon would not start on some systems)
  • Fixed credits loss issue (when S1 server will become busy in the middle of the process)
  • Fixed altbypass unlock using USB for MSM7227 and QSD8250
  • Fixed altbypass operations on SEMC DB2020-based phones on USB interface
  • Fixed possible altbypass operation error on SEMC A2-based phones
  • Fixed altbypass unlock for PNX5230
  • Fixed altbypass unlock for MSM8655-based phones
  • Fixed bug "can't get S1 hdr" during boot of some phones
  • Fixed zlib bug (firmware will not be flashed, if there is not enough space on hard disk, error will be reported)
  • Verified and fixed MSM8230-based phones support
  • Critical bug fixed (hwconfig cannot be written during altbypass repair operation)
  • Some loaders updated to current version
  • Few PDA models added to the list
  • Some small bugfixes
  • Backup folder will be created now for J108 bypass during step 2
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic changes
  • Highly reduced memory usage when flashing S1 phones
  • Critical bug fixed (some firmware files for old S1 phones won't be accepted)
  • Completely changed interface with Android debug bridge
  • Changed internal ADB server TCP-IP port (this can help to avoid ADB connection errors during second step of MSM8250, MSM7227, MSM722xA altbypass unlock, when other programs interfering with SETOOL2)
  • Boot update procedure implemented (this will prevent dead phones/no IMEI phones during firmware upgrade/downgrade procedure)
  • Better simlock information display for S1 phones

Download SE Tool v.1.1408