LG Tool / SG Tool v2.20 Software Update

LG Tool / SG Tool v2.20 is out! Added support for new popular LG models and over 3000 Alcatel PRDs!

Added support for the following models

HTC One S, HTC Ville

  • Repair IMEI
  • Repair CID

LG E440, E440F, E440G, E445

  • Read/Repair IMEI
  • Read/Repair Bluetooth (if BT module is available for the specific model)
  • Read unlock codes
  • Unlock
  • Dump/flash security area

New in LG Tool Remote Services

Alcatel 1010X, 1011A, 1011D, 1012X, 1030A, 1030D, 1030X, 2000X, 2001X, 2005A, 2005D, 2005X, 3000G, 3000X, 3001G, 3002G, 3003G, 3040D, 3040G, 3041D, 3041G, 3142G, 382X, 4012A, 4012X, 4033D, 4033X, 510A, 6040D, 655WX, 655X, 7025D, 7025X, 768T, 8000A, 8000D, 8008D, 8008W, 8008X, 815DG, 815G, 870A, 870FA, 870X, 871A, 875T, 902A, 902X, 975Y, A382G, A392G, C995, I210, I310, J100, J330, M665X, MS4B, S520, S950, Y710D, 1010D

  • Improved unlock codes calculation algorithm

Other Changes in LG Tool, SG Tool and Remote Services

  • New for LG P920: CP part can be flashed in download mode
  • Improved Alcatel IMEI calculation algorithm, added support for 3000 new PRDs
  • Improved HTC IMEI calculation algorithm
  • Improved LG IMEI calculation algorithm

Download LG Tool / SG Tool Software v2.20