LG Tool / SG Tool v2.19 Software Update

LG Tool / SG Tool v2.19 is out! Added direct support for HTC Butterfly, 4000 Alcatel PRDs, also added 11 world's first LG models and more!

Added support for the following models

HTC Butterfly - in beta version, added support for HBoot (v1.44.0)

  • Unlock (via Y-Cable, pinout included)
  • Repair IMEI
  • Repair CID
  • S-OFF/S-ON
  • Lock/Unlock/Relock for BootLoader
  • Reset Tamper Flag

LG E455, E455F, E460, E460F

  • Flash Firmware
  • Factory Reset
  • Read Firmware version

LG AS870, MS870

  • Flash Firmware

New in LG Tool Remote Services

LG E410I, E410F, AN160PP, UN160PP, AS730PP, E411G, E980H, L01F, P712, VN360SS, C299, VS890DU - world's first!

  • Calculate Unlock Codes

Alcatel 2010D, 2010G, 2010X, 217DX, 4005D, 4007A, 4007D, 4007X, 4010A, 4010D, 4010E, 4010X, 4011X, 4030A, 4030D, 4030E, 4030X, 4030Y, 4110E, 5020A, 5020D, 5020E, 5020W, 5020X, 5021E, 5035A, 5035D, 5035E, 5035X, 5185A, 6010D, 6010X, 6030A, 6030D, 6030X, 6033A, 6033M, 6033Q, 6033X, 970H, 970X, 972X, 992D, 997D, 997X, 998X, AURUS, C997, J610, S500, S600, S710, S800, S810, S820, S850, V575X, V875, V975, V975N

  • Calculate Unlock Codes

Other Changes in LG Tool, SG Tool and Remote Services

  • Added 4000 new PRDs for Alcatel models
  • Added support for over 30 Gigabytes of firmwares for LG models
  • Improved calculation algorithm for LG models
  • Improved calculation algorithm for Alcatel models
  • Improved calculation algorithm for HTC models

Download LG Tool / SG Tool Software v2.19