LG Tool / SG Tool v2.18 Software Update

LG Tool / SG Tool v2.18 is out! Added direct support for HTC One, and many new features for LG and Samsung models!

Added support for the following models

HTC One - in beta version, added support for HBoot (v1.44.0)

  • Unlock (via Y-Cable, pinout included)
  • Repair IMEI
  • Repair CID
  • S-OFF/S-ON
  • Lock/Unlock/Relock for BootLoader
  • Reset Tamper Flag

LG E455, E455F, E455G, E460, E460F

  • Read/Repair IMEI
  • Read/Repair Bluetooth (if the model has it)
  • Read Unlock Codes
  • Unlock
  • Dump/Flash security area

LG AS870, LG870, MS870, LS870, LS860

  • Read/Write MEID,ESN
  • Read/Write IMSI (MCC, MNC, MIN2, MIN1)
  • Read/Write Phone number (MDN)
  • Read/Write Home SID/NID
  • Read/Write SSD_A, SSD_B, AKEY, OTKSL
  • Read/Write SPC
  • Read/Write PRL
  • Dump/Flash NVM
  • File Explorer

New in LG Tool Remote Services

LG - over 200 models

  • Improved Unlock Codes algorithm

HTC - over 25 models

  • Improved Unlock Codes algorithm

New in LG Tool Direct Services

Samsung A157 (Uart)

  • Read Codes
  • Direct Unlock

Samsung S6810, S6810P, T599n (root is required)

  • Direct Unlock
  • Repair IMEI

Other Changes in LG Tool, SG Tool and Remote Services

  • Fixed Unlock feature for A667 and B7720m
  • Improved Repair IMEI for Qcom
  • Updated ADB version to support RSA Authentication with the latest 4.2.x Android phones
  • Improved several functions
  • Added several new NVM Repair files
  • Added special file for network repair on LTE models (just load as NVM File)
  • Added over 140 new Android firmwares for the fast direct unlock
  • Improved IMEI calculation algorithm for LG and HTC

Please Note: in order to update the software, please press ALT+R

Download LG Tool / SG Tool Software v2.18